Body Beliefs – What they are and how to change yours

Beliefs create your experience and your experience confirms your beliefs.

I’d like you to consider the following:

The relationship you have with food and your body will impact your health more powerfully than the food you eat. The relationship that you have with your body is the longest relationship you will have in your lifetime. So, I ask you, what is it that you believe when you are relating to your body?

Your body must obey your beliefs.

This means that your body is to some extent a creation of your #beliefs. So, what do you #believe is true about your #health? About your body?

Here is something else to consider – if you are zooming along in life, and then all of a sudden you get fired from your job and if you don’t have the belief inside you that you will get another job, if you don’t believe that you can support yourself, you will get sick. Your beliefs are linked to your #immunesystem and our #emotions play a big part in our health. You could slip into depression and may even develop a chronic illness or condition. Your belief system is beyond powerful. Here is another way to look at it, if you believe that you can’t lose #weight – you won’t. If you believe that you can’t transform your fat – you won’t. If you believe that you have always been unhealthy and blame it on your parents, you will always be unhealthy.

Build a Relationship with your Body

The connection you establish with your body depends on the story that you are telling about it. Stories are so powerful they can #empower your #metabolism or diminish it. For example “I’m too big” or “too gross to be touched”, “skinny people are happier”, “I’m too scrawny”, “no one could ever love me the way I am” These stories turn into #stress responses. What does stress do? It slows our metabolism to store more fat. If you are at constant war with your body, who loses? You can’t #heal through war, you can only heal through love.

Stories are comprised of beliefs. To believe something means to make it dear and valuable to us. Beliefs give us a sense of security. Our beliefs create our experience and our experience confirms our beliefs. You can change your beliefs, you can change your experience and you can change your outcome.

Lets dig a little deeper – beliefs come from #programming. Programming creates decisions which stabilizes beliefs, which shapes our #identity. Our identity informs our actions and behaviors which determines our results. Your biography creates your biology which directs your metabolism. In other words your metabolism is some part genetic and some part your programming. Can we change this? Absolutely – but we need to start with your programming.

How do we do this? By making little changes. We start with your #behaviors and two main focus points are blood sugar stabilization and stress management? And breaking that down to two simple steps – 1. drink more water, and 2. take 10 slow deep breaths before you eat your meal. A little hint here – those 2 small steps are moving you 1% further in the right direction. Who you are being, and who you are becoming equals what your body is doing.

Desires can escort you to your highest potential

Trade in Judgement for Curiosity

When we are faced with wanting different and longing for something more, the #goal can be overwhelming and feel impossible. I invite you to take a minute and consider this, what if we are only seduced to want things that put you on the path to be who you came here to be? So if you really want to lose weight and burn fat, and this peaks your interest and your desires, then this IS the road you should be on. Right here. Right now. The changes that you are longing for will inspire you to move forward and are always about who you become along this journey. I ask you to vow right now, to trade in judgement for curiosity. No more judging your body. No more judging what everyone else is doing. Get curious about why you feel the way you do. Get curious about what works for you and what doesn’t work. Get curious about how you connect to your body and what it is actually telling you.

Every symptom, craving or behavior has a positive intention

Food is Pleasure

Taking this one step further, I ask you to consider the story that you are telling yourself. How would you feel if I said that every symptom, craving or behavior around food has a positive intention? This is actually your body’s way of communicating with you. How you react to this cry for help is only the best solution that you have been able to come up with so far. Even over eating is a cry for love. Our bodies are literally crying for us to pay attention and start nurturing and loving them. The driving force behind any developed #habit is #pleasure, and guess what – food is pleasure. Eating too much or too little can be a cry for pleasure and satisfaction. Again, how do we fix this? Well, we create a new solution.

We change the story we tell our self. When we start something new such as a new way of eating or exercising, we know that we need to commit and be disciplined and to some that may be hardcore and strict. This means we can’t cheat or deviate from the plan. What if we changed the story to instead of saying I am 100% dedicated to this new diet and exercise program, I refuse to cheat, I refuse to fail – we changed it to I am 100% dedicated to caring for myself in a new way. I am committed to putting my health first and treating my body with love.

Exercise is a celebration of what your body can do. Not a punishment for what you ate

So if you are suffering from an illness or a craving, the positive intention that your body is begging you for is change. Your body is literally begging you to prioritize your health and to take better care of yourself. My goal for you is to have a better relationship with your body and to feel safe and empowered to do so.

I invite you to read the following beliefs and see if any can hold true for you

  • You can get healthy
  • You are worth investing in
  • You can get where you want to go when you take one step at a time
  • Asking for help is a sign of strength, not weakness
  • If you’re willing to do the work, then you’re going to get the results
  • Embrace the challenge
  • A part of you already loves yourself deeply
  • You deserve to have the health and body and life that you want
  • You are brave and courageous
  • You are beautiful
  • I am an energy powerhouse
  • I believe in my ability to create change
  • I feel healthy and energized
  • Food is pleasurable
  • I am free

The next step I’d like you to focus on is your WHY. Why do you want to lose weight? Why do you want to change your health? Is it for vanity? Is it because of a health scare? Is it for more energy? Is it to walk up the stairs with no pain? An important question that I like to ask as a life and health coach is what is the why underneath the why? What is the goal that you’re looking to create? What change do you desire in your health and your life to take it to the next level? And, What is important about that?

Five Steps to Transformation

The more clarity you have the easier it will be to disarm old beliefs, create a new path and then implement your action plan with success. I want to show you the five steps to transformation that first needs to shift in our minds. We need to turn on your inner focus in order to have lasting change. Five steps to transformation are:

  1. Step Back
    This is about moving away from being in a situation to being an observer of a situation – get distance between you and your programming. Observe how you feel about the fat you need to lose. Why do you want to do this. If this was your mom, your lover, your daughter or your best friend – someone you love and care very deeply for, what would you say to her? What new perspective could you show her?

    For me growing up, I was always a chunky kid and even teased at times for being overweight. My parents loved me and definitely filled up my self esteem cup. So in my everyday family life, being overweight was okay. But as I looked around society, I didn’t want to be fat. And after I had kids, I didn’t want to be a fat mom. For me though it was about energy. I birthed three kids quite close together (my girls are aged 13,15 and 17) but I wanted to be as healthy as possible and drop the weight so that I could have endless #energy. And when I transformed my thinking to a health related outcome, that’s when everything shifted and I committed to a better lifestyle. That is still my driving force – it feels pleasurable to me to be an energizer bunny for my family and for my business. I am naturally high on life.
  2. Let Go
    This is releasing old beliefs and creating new ones. Shift the self talk from “I can’t lose weight” to “Embrace the Challenge – Giddy Up, Let’s Go”. That’s exactly what I did. I wanted energy, I wanted to play with my kids, I wanted to see just how far I could take this healthy living gig.
  3. Say Yes to Self
    Anchor in your new beliefs to reflect your true self. Once we’ve let go of dysfunctional beliefs that no longer serve us, we get to choose who we want to be and what we want to believe. Instead of wishing, I started doing and seeing results.
  4. Take Empowered Action
    When you are completely grounded in your new beliefs, yourself and your truth you have shifted your vibrations and stepped into your personal power. You are now ready to take action. (I went all in)
  5. Set up Accountability
    Having someone to hold your hand, kick your ass, support and stretch you is the only way to have success. We need someone to lean on and hold ourselves accountable to. Who can support you? I have had many people help me along this journey. I call them my earth angels and accountability is certainly key to actually committing to and following through with ANY goal. Weather it be health or fitness, I’ve had someone to lean on and learn from.

I hope I have inspired you to do some deep inner work here with changing your beliefs, the story you are telling yourself, your behaviors and actions.

My goal is to have you embrace this journey with love and enthusiasm, commitment, and dedication.

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