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Katrina Houghton

I'm Your Wellness Coach, I am on a mission to help busy women, like you, improve your relationship with your body and work with you to overcome the binge and burnout cycle.

I Work With You

To overcome the binge and burnout cycle.

I'm Your Gal Pal

I provide you with a safe, judgement free space, and always have your back.

I Am Here To Help

Level you up! Get your Sh*t together and your life back on track.

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Signature Topics:

  • Learn the 7 Channels of Elimination and how to support them through a gentle detox
  • Why it’s important to do a detox and reset your energy at least twice a year
  • How to Banish Brain Fog and Belly Bloat
  • Learn the top three challenges on why we are addicted to sugar
  • Change your relationship with sugar for good
  • Learn how to curb the cravings naturally
  • How to get a grip on Self Sabotage
  • A Deep Dive into Self care and what that really means (it’s more than a bath and a face mask)
  • How to Live a More Fulfilling Life
  • Learn the number one driver behind motivation
  • Understand the Emotional Cycle of Change and how to Navigate through it
  • Learn how to Edit your Life

Reclaim your Energy!

I'm here to help you overcome stress, anxiety, and self-sabotage. Together, we'll identify the causes and develop effective coping mechanisms. We'll break negative patterns through mindfulness techniques and develop a plan to reduce stress and improve well-being. Let's create a happier, healthier you.

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Are you ready to get started on your wellness journey?

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“Wow, I waited too long to do this for myself. No crash diets, no ridiculously long exercise routines, just real solutions to my individual needs.”
Testimonial - Melani Taylor
Melani Taylor
“Right from the beginning, she made suggestions that caused a shift in my thinking.”
Nancy Adams