Have you tried the concept of “No Time” to Boost Creativity?

Steve Jobs and Albert Einstein applied this concept of “No Time” to boost their creativity – here’s how it works!

Research shows that if we can “take a break” from our busy schedules and devote time to doing absolutely nothing, it is the key to unlocking our creativity.

Which may sound conflicting to those who have nailed down a daily routine. While I am a huge promoter of having a morning routine and a power down hour, the more organized we are, the more we get done and the more we get done, this triggers our dopamine response in the sense of satisfaction for accomplishment.

But lets read in between the lines for a moment – although your daily routine may be healthy and productive, it can also be hectic and kill creativity.

I’d like you to consider the concept of “no time” Many successful people have dedicated a large part of their lives to “no time” including Steve Jobs and Albert Einstein.

No time is a quiet moment in which a person can isolate herself/himself or themselves from the noise and demands of the world (as stated by Steven Kotler, author of the book “The Art of the Impossible) The “no time” is a stretch of emptiness between 4 am and 7:30 am. The demands of the day have not yet started so there is time for complete quiet and luxury of “no time”

By having this disconnection to time blocks, it has a large influence on unlocking any blocked creativity! Kotler says “the pressure forces the brain to focus on the details, activating the left hemisphere and blocking the whole picture. Worse yet, when we are pressured, we are often stressed. We are unhappy with the rush, which embitters our mood and further restricts our focus. Being limited in time, then, can be kryptonite for creativity”

My challenge for you is to try and implement more “no time” into your daily routine. Personally, I love those first few moments of my early morning. I get to be the only person awake in the house with my fresh cup of hot coffee, and just me. Ideas flow in during this early morning ritual and I thoroughly enjoy my “no time” every morning! (And believe me, I need about an hour or more – thus why I wake up between 4 and 5 am)

As we embark on a new year with new goals, new habits, and striving to improve each year just a little, I invite you to bring in “no time” and see a change in the way you think and create as you step into that better version of you.

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