8 Tips to get Sh*t done!

Busy People Are Successful People

If you have a lot of time on your hands, most people think it’s wonderful and that they can finally relax and do the things that they have been longing to do. But what actually happens is nothing. No motivation and no productivity rule the day. And then you may wonder why nothing is actually getting done. Lazy mode sets in…and stays. I mean, certainly take a break. There is a difference between resting and recharging to build your resilience rope. We all need a damn break, to catch up on sleep, read a book, become inspired. But don’t make doing nothing a habit. Be on time, show up and keep your word.

Want to be successful? Get busy.

The Busier You Are, The More Motivated You Are

When you schedule your day and throw in “must do’s“, “to do’s” and “fun do’s” it helps to keep you motivated and focused on the task at hand. Lists! Write down your list and cross it off as you complete the task. This signals a sense of accomplishment to your brain. Studies have shown that when you have a “good” day it is directly related to having a “productive day”.

The More Motivated You Are, The More Accomplished You Will Be

When you are happy, motivated and feel a sense of accomplishment it will trigger excitement and joy. You will be aligned with the Universe and living life on purpose. This creates a domino effect of wanting to keep going and staying energized and focused. What is your personal motivation? Is it money? How you feel? Look? Act? Get Inspired. Find Joy and change your vibrations. When you lift your vibrations the Universe works to bring you more joy, more happiness, more motivation!

When You Get Things Accomplished You Sleep Better

Ah, Peace of Mind. This alone allows one to blissfully slumber and perform your daily tasks better. A sense of accomplishment is a proven insomnia buster. When your brain can fully relax you will be able to rest and sleep better knowing that you have accomplished what needs to be done. Need tips on how to improve the quality of your sleep? Click here.

Use Stress In A Positive Way To Keep You Going

Sometimes things pile up and seem overwhelming. Simplify by taking one task at a time, one day at a time and be sure to prioritize. Your body doesn’t know if you are feeling good stress or bad stress and it will automatically jump into fight or flight mode so it is important to learn how to cope with stress, especially good stress. Practice utilizing good stress in a positive manner. Instead of freaking out over everything that must get done, jot it all down, prioritize, delegate and then begin. Deep breaths, exercise, a healthy meal, a walk, or a call to a friend are quick stress busters that can help change the mood you are in so that you can recollect and re tackle everything that has to get done.

Take A Rest Day

Literally turn OFF your brain – watch movies or read a book. Go for a walk or get lost in a task that doesn’t require much thinking or decision making. (Cleaning, it’s always cleaning for me) You must give yourself a break and allow yourself a break. When you take care of your body and mind you will increase your level of success.

Set Yourself Up For Success

If you want to have a successful week, take out your day planner and see what you have on the books for that week. You may have a job, meetings, children’s activities or a social club/gathering to attend. In order to have a successful week pre-plan your grocery shop and prep your meals. (This will also help you to stick to a budget therefore helping the family finances) Pick out your clothes and schedule in when you will hit the gym. Schedule in daily or weekly house cleaning. Some people take one day a week to scrub and clean the house while others do a small task every day.

Create Timings For Yourself To Keep You On Track And Stay In The Flow Of Accomplishment

Allow realistic time slots for each meeting, appointment or task. Sometimes meetings and appointments can suck up most of your time so it helps to be flexible with your personal timings or recruit some help when you find yourself needing to be in two places at once! Create a list for personal and professional timings. Schedule in dates with the kids, activities with the kids, and dates with your spouse. Don’t forget to include some personal you time every day because you are the most important person on your “to do” list!

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