Stressed out Binge Eater

Krista, an overwhelmed and stressed out working mother of two suffers from binge eating and lack of self-esteem. She desperately wants to stop the emotional eating, reconnect to her self-love and find a work life balance that is sustainable.

As a genuine people pleaser, Krista was feeling pulled in many directions, suffered from intense migraines and was constantly in a state of energy depletion. She expressed that “her cup was always empty” as she was trying to be everything to everyone. She had gained a lot of weight in the past year and says that she knows what she needs to do but never has any time to do it.

Krista was excited to start her own Wellness Transformation! Each week we worked on an actionable, realistic 1% step forward that could be easily integrated into her hectic lifestyle. She learned to set up personal boundaries, traded in judgement for curiosity and found a creative outlet through home décor that she now shares with her daughters that has brought her inspiration and the lack of control she once felt back into order. Her biggest Aha Moment was realizing that she holds all of the answers within. Krista has learned the importance of de-cluttering her mind, office and home, she has reconnected to the inner spark she had all along.

Krista has become confident and empowered in how she presents herself professionally and personally. She makes no apologies for being the caring and courageous woman that she is. Krista has learned how to transition from stress to calm through breath work, and taking a minute to assess the situation before responding.

She honors her own energy and is aware of when she needs to take time to refill her cup so that she can continue to be everything that she needs to be for all of the important people in her life. She finally feels in control of her eating habits and has a way better body mind connection now, more than ever.

Krista has decided to continue with personal health coaching as she would like to connect the inside love to match the outside love of herself. She wants to dial into her health on a much higher level now that she feels safe and ready to do so. Krista is participating in the 21 Day Metabolism Reset and excited to take on the Strong 150 Challenge as soon as the cleanse is complete. She said that she was not in the mindset at all three months ago to do something so bold as the cleanse and fitness challenge. But she feels confident that her time is now.

Ready to step into the very best version of you? Connect with me today to find out if this is the right program for you!

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