Overwhelmed Working Mom

Melanie, a very busy, overwhelmed executive mother of two who is required to travel frequently throughout the year, seeks better relationships, self-love, and balance.

As a road-warrior executive, mom, wife and hockey team manager for her son, Melanie has expressed that the communication disconnect between her, her spouse and children was irritating. She said that she felt like a “hurricane of horrible” when at home and did not want to feel this way anymore. Her priorities were out of alignment, her self-love had diminished, and she was consistently angry.

Melanie started her journey with the 12 week Your Wellness Transformation program, and is feeling more like herself again. Melanie has worked on learning how to focus her attention in the now moment instead of thinking of the thousand other activities on her to do list. With weekly accountability, she has been teaching her children the importance of healthy habits such as meal prep and exercise. She loves cooking and has used this to create family time which allows her to reconnect and communicate with her children again. Special one on one time has been set aside to express her love and trust that she has in both of her children. Melanie has completely revamped how she approaches family situations which has created a sense of wisdom and calm center.

Melanie has fallen back in love with the dynamic force she is and uses it to guide and mentor her family now. She is calm and is now the heart of her home even when work is stressing her out. She is able to transition from work to home without bringing the stress to the entire family. She has been able to open up way more with communicating to her spouse and has learned how to express her feelings instead of just yelling her point of view. She can focus on work in a different way and handles work situations with grace and ease knowing that she is giving and doing her best. She has dropped three dress sizes and has been able to wear some outfits that were hidden in the back of her closet.

Melanie has decided to continue her path with weekly health and life coaching. We discuss issues as they arise, and by having the accountability of meeting each week, Melanie knows that she wants to bring her very best to each conversation. Coaching and accountability have allowed her to make significant progress toward her goals.

Ready to step into the very best version of you? Connect with me today to find out if this is the right program for you!

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