The What, Why, and How to Detoxing your Body

Toxins are everywhere!

What are toxins? – Most people think heavy metals or pollution, but it goes a little deeper than that. Toxins can be undigested food – fats or proteins, excess hormones like too much estrogen, yeast overgrowth or other digestive issues. Any substance in excess can create toxins in the body. You create toxins all the time as by products from your normal metabolic function BUT a healthy body can eliminate them.

Chemical toxins can be found in: Food, Air Pollution, Heavy metal toxicity, Black mold, water, body care products and house cleaners

Physical Toxins – Metabolic or cellular waste, parasites, viruses, infections, imbalance of gut flora, poorly digested food, biochemical imbalances

And Emotional Toxins – Anger, fear, grief, sadness, frustration, anxiety, depression – emotional toxins can trigger the release of stress hormones in the body, especially when the emotions and thoughts trigger perceived stress becomes chronic, in other words a constant loop of these thoughts and emotions are on replay without any resolution.

A healthy liver is the body’s gatekeeper which processes the toxins through your body and pushes them out through your seven channels of elimination.

Those include your skin, blood, lungs, lymphatic system, liver, kidneys and colon!

When your body is not working optimally, toxins can cause us to feel sick, have low energy, brain fog, headaches, acne, and bloating. Stress and food can also cause inflammation which leads to bloating, swelling, skin conditions and irritable bowl syndrome. (which can also lead to poor immune function and leaky gut syndrome)

Toxicity drains your energy. Your resilience requires energy. And you can do this by making any and all positive shifts in your life. I LOVE talking about energy! The more you can detox your food, chemicals, and emotions that are draining your resilience strength, energy and vitality, the more you free up energy to be used in a positive way.

I’d like to share a Crap Bucket Analogy

Picture if you can in your minds eye a beautiful white bucket that is tethered to your wrist by an elastic band. On this bucket are big bold black letters C.R.A.P. this is where all of your personal crap sits. Sometimes your bucket is full and sometimes your bucket is light. What I’d like to focus on is building up the resiliency of the elastic band that is tethered to your wrist. I do not have the power to dump your crap bucket over and get rid of your daily crap – and you may not be able to do that either, so what we can focus on is building the resiliency of that elastic band!

The crap bucket can not only be full of body toxins like chemicals, a poor diet and heavy metals, but also an emotional pile up – we need to learn how to release emotions, beliefs and experiences that no longer serve us.

To build up your capacity for resilience, you not only need to reduce your exposure to environmental toxins – you also need to reduce and or eliminate negative energy that deplete your resilience. Our organs not only hold physical toxins, but they also hold emotional ones too. So, we need to help your organs eliminate the toxins stored in your body to help free up your physical, mental and emotional resilience!

Lets take a minute here to discuss detoxification in it’s wholeness!

To detox is to limit your exposure to environmental toxins, as well as giving your digestive system a break – exactly what we do in the 21 Day Metabolism Reset!

Once your body has more energy freed up, it can really start on the work of housecleaning – tapping into the toxins in your fat cells, nervous system and brain.

When your toxic overload becomes too much for your body your liver will put them into your fat cells, nervous system, and brain. Why does this happen? Because toxins love cellular fluids and the brain. And this effects your endocrine system (your hormones).

All of this affects your hormones which can affect infertility, your immune system and neuro toxins. You will notice this happening in your body when you can’t remember things, you are over weight, you have brain fog and low energy. In a nutshell, your ability to detoxify determines your resilience and resistance to disease.

Okay, what do we need to do?

For those of you already on the 21 Day Metabolism Reset, you’re already on the path to success just by doing this cleanse. So go ahead and pat yourself on the back right now. As I’ve mentioned before, we need to take care of your guts – love your guts first and branch out from there. We are focusing on your liver, gallbladder, digestive organs and kidneys.

So circling back to your crap bucket – if it’s full and or overflowing – which may be accumulating for years and then all of a sudden something snaps and your body is now toxic and your resilience band is broken.

Here’s what you can do:

  1. The Metabolism Reset – This is the start of a journey for physical and mental health.
  2. Drink A LOT of water – The body clears toxins through fluids – your blood and lymph which drain from your brain through your body like a river into the ocean. As long as the water way is open and not blocked everything flows smoothly. Toxins drain from your brain, through the neck channel, and then downstream through your blood, your liver, to your gallbladder and into your bile. Your bile then transports toxins through the gut for elimination into your stool. As long as toxins flow in the right direction and do not encounter congested tissue or stagnation in any organ, they can be eliminated. (3 Liters Daily). See how key organ health is here? So I ask you – are you tracking your food mood and poop?
  3. Practice Daily Detoxing – Epsom salt baths and you can add in rose or lavender essential oil to reduce anxiety and amplify stress release and relaxation, dry brushing, lots of clean water, sweating (exercise), get a lymph drainage massage or Reflexology.
  4. Cry – Crying tears of pain or loss or sadness is literally emotional perspiration that releases emotional toxins. Emotions are meant to flow and move through you so that you can release them.
  5. Essential Oils (EO) – EO help keep plants healthy by moving vital fluids and energy. They can perform similar functions inside your body helping to move energy and prevent stagnation. EO can help shift your body into alignment so toxins don’t get back logged into your blood stream, but flow out of your body. Just apply the EO topically to your skin as this will activate energy flow stimulating your liver and gallbladder.

Best oils for detox include: lemon, lavender, grapefruit, peppermint, oregano, lemongrass, orange, ginger, juniper berry, fennel seed, bergamot. Personally, I use Young Living Essential Oils and have found them to be a great detoxing enhancer to my daily regime.

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