Reiki is a holistic healing practice that originated in Japan and focuses on channeling and balancing the energy within the body. Reiki services involve gentle touch or hands hovering over your body to transfer and balance energy. The underlying philosophy is that a person’s “life force energy” or “ki” should flow freely, and disruptions in this energy flow can lead to physical or emotional ailments.

During a Reiki session, clients lie down fully clothed, and the practitioner places their hands in specific positions over or lightly on the body, aiming to channel healing energy. The experience is generally relaxing, promoting a sense of calm and well-being.

Reiki benefits include stress reduction, relaxation, pain relief, and emotional healing. Many individuals find Reiki to be a complementary therapy that can enhance overall wellness and support to conventional medical treatments.

Reiki treatments offer a non-invasive and gentle approach to promote balance, relaxation, and the natural healing process within the body.

Reiki workshops are offered periodically from Level One to Mastery. Ask Katrina when her next workshop is being held.

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